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This season’s heavy hourglass waist bag/shoulder bag


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[BG Home] This season’s blockbuster Hourglass belt bag/shoulder bag ▰▰▰ Belt bags have become very popular in recent years. For the now super popular small bag trend, it is definitely worth buying! In addition to being worn on the waist, it can also be worn cross-body as a chest bag. Whether worn with a coat, T-shirt, casual style, or with the multi-layered neutral style that is very popular these days, it can be worn with any face~ Moreover, the unique and iconic arc shape of the hourglass bag is very stylish. It’s highly recognizable and instantly catches everyone’s eye. It’s super cool! For fashionistas who have countless bags, I recommend this simple and elegant design with a sense of design, super tasteful🕶

Babies, don’t stop buying! ! 🥂

Model 6616:15x8x25cm


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