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The latest Rouette bag


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The latest Rouette bag, the brand’s unremitting exploration of innovation and functionality has created a new Rouette bag that can be carried in a variety of ways. It is said on the official website that there are 22 hidden ways to carry the Rouette bag. From sunrise to sunset, the Rouette bag, which can be transformed into different forms, will accompany its owner all day long. The fabric is made of thickened rain dew linen with flax, hemp fiber and cotton as the main components ☑️Full set of pure steel hardware [⚠️Non-market aluminum alloy] ☑️Customized first-layer cowhide, matching leather pattern ☑️For other details, please see the detailed pictures👻Welcome to compare🆚Models : GY120181, size: 30*24*14.5cm.


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