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Second-hand nylon waterproof fabric shoulder messenger bag


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Second-hand nylon waterproof fabric shoulder messenger bag, super practical messenger style, second-hand series! Because it is a hot item from the Middle Ages! So it’s classic! How many years have passed! There will be no sense of seeing the tears of the times! How long have the medieval models been around? He is always on fire! Really suitable for autumn and winter! Everyone buys it and it’s very useful for walking, shopping, or commuting. It’s super lightweight and very handsome! ! It’s the same material as P’s nylon! Reduce your weight! Overall versatile black zipper opening, light and easy to carry! Ingredients Top layer calfskin! Zipper opening and closing is very practical! The practicality of the classic messenger bag lies here, and the unique nylon messenger design has always been unique!

Size: 34/9/21cm


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