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New small size mini double-sided shopping bag


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Small [Gejia] new mini double-sided shopping bag 👉020660, after many studies and improvements, the fabric and leather are continuously improved, and it is fully customized™️ just to continuously meet the high quality requirements of customers🔝🔝

The base fabric is made of customized high-quality rain dew linen that is consistent with ZP, and then coated with glossy gum aldehyde [wit] grain texture that is comparable to ZP, achieving a glossy and matte feeling🤟The leather is [first-layer South African textured leather] 】👛🤘Flexible and non-irritating💪Switched to matching pure steel hardware🤓Symmetrical pattern, pure color without color difference😘Please see the picture for details [Hold your fists][Hold your fists]

Mini double-sided size: bag mouth 28cm, bottom 20*height 20*bottom width 10cm.


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