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New flap armpit bag


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[BG Home] New flip armpit bag 👉695645, Bbalenciaga’s XX Bag is the latest member of Bbalenciaga’s beautiful bag family. It is named after the abbreviation “XX” that represents intimacy. It is simply a must-have bag for Valentine’s Day💖 In addition to the very smooth lines and the combination of leather and metal logos, the XX Bag’s adjustable strap is what made me fall in love with it at first sight and buy it. Splice two straps together to turn it into a cross-body backpack; shorten the strap to the shortest position and carry it in your hand for a playful and sophisticated urban retro style; the longest position of a single strap can transform the XX Bag into a fashionable and hot armpit bag . Size: 27×15.5×4.8cm [all shipped from the factory with counter packaging]


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