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Large Cream White ICARE Tote ~ Shopping Bag


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Large ICARE Tote Bag ~ Shopping Bag 🛍️ With the rise of the “small waste bag” trend, the sizes of major brand bags are getting smaller and smaller. While fashionable people carry their concave shapes, they often have to prepare another large bag. Handbags are used to hold daily items such as mobile phones, water bottles, umbrellas, etc. It seems that they have heard everyone’s needs. Y family has launched a new bag this season called ICARE, which is called “can hold everything in life”. Its name originates from the Greek mythology character -Icarus, the three-dimensional monogram in the center of the nappa sheepskin is avant-garde and aura. The creative director of Y Family also said that this handbag will soon become the brand’s most eye-catching new style. For people who cannot rely on small handbags for daily travel, Icare is spacious. The large capacity design and simple and clean shape will definitely suit you!

Model: 698651

Large bag size: opening width 58cm

Bottom width 47cm

Height (with wrist) 61cm

Bottom side width 8cm

Small bag size: 27x13x8cm


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