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Double-sided tote bag, this tote bag has a large inner space


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bur double-sided tote bag. This tote bag has a large interior. The bag is quite wide but light in weight. It can also be used on both sides. The inside is matched with –

– The sub-bag can be used to store valuable documents, cash and other items, and is suitable for both leisure life and commuting. It’s wear-resistant and can withstand any abuse; and the bag is stylish and won’t get tampered with. The front is made of B’s latest plaid cotton canvas fabric. Turn it over and see that the other side is dark red. This series of plaids are relatively crisp and stylish, not soft or wrinkled, and they are just right to create a slightly literary look.

Sensitive but not pretentious flavor! ! ! Dimensions 51.3×18.5×29


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