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Brand new classic Neo City bag


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[Paris Home] Brand new XS Le cagole City handbag, newly upgraded Neo City handbag 👉105809, Le cagole City has become an “It Bag” diver!

ンReshape the classic bag and inject new soul into the factory motorcycle bag. The name of the Le Cagole series bag comes from the French slang Cagole -, which means “fashionistas who dress up too much”, specifically describing those who are keen on matching and wearing gorgeous clothes. Fashionistas known for their colours, over-the-top pieces and bold branding. On the basis of retaining the original DNA of the classic motorcycle bag such as flat rivets, delicate buckles and tassel zippers, it adds an adjustable woven shoulder strap and a cute and playful heart-shaped mirror, which perfectly softens the neutral temperament of the original version. Retro is back, and the new neon colors are even more fashionable. Size: 25.9X17.8X11.4cm


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